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Technology parks are a physical facility to promote technology-based innovation and economic development. These parks are normally set up by governments, foundations or universities for the advancement of research and development, entrepreneurship, talent grooming, technology commercialization and development and growth of new technology companies. The ultimate impact of the technology park is to create a stronger competitive positioning in the upcoming knowledge economy. Technology parks can be called by several names including research parks, technology centers, science parks, software parks, etc. Some of the earliest technology parks were set up in Silicon Valley near Stanford university. Currently, there are hundreds of technology parks in existence. Technology parks have known to grow the local technology clusters and attract and retain technology companies, jobs, and competitiveness. Certain country governments like India and Brazil have strongly favored the creation of technology parks across the nation. 


There are many global technology parks offering a multitude of services with quality websites, yet it is difficult to quickly search, locate and communicate with the appropriate technology park organization relevant to business needs. This is happening for several reasons. First, the information presented in the various technology parks websites cannot be easily compared and contrasted for services required by clients. Second, there is no freely accessible centrally searchable database of global technology parks available to the businesses. Finally, many technology parks have no websites or their information may be unavailable online or is buried in a larger unrelated organization website.  


The ScaleUP program is building an online database of standardized, relevant information for consumers and businesses to search and contact. There are plans to also develop and publish a digital eBook on the topic. All global technology parks are encouraged to complete the attached online form for inclusion in our online directory. Complete and a valid listing of the submitting technology park organizations will be listed in the ScaleUP marketplace. 


The submitting technology park organizations can also join our Sphere of Impact Partnership Program which provides distinct advantages to our partnering parks to extend their impact, reach, capacity, and capability by helping their clients' grow their business through global connections.

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