Business Collaboration Templates

Why Create Business Opportunities Marketplace?

Most small, medium and large organizations seek growth. Business Collaborations is an efficient and effective way to achieve it. However, finding the right business collaboration partners around the world is complicated, time-consuming and costly. ScaleUP USA's goal is to make this simple and easy. Therefore, ScaleUP USA has created a searchable, updated, international e-directory of organizations interested in seeking or offering local, regional, national and international business collaborations so locating interested collaboration parties is easy. 

How to Use Business Opportunities Marketplace?

ScaleUP USA has started compiling the world’s first Business Opportunities e-directory and Marketplace.  Organizations’ of all sizes interested in seeking or offering international business collaborations or joint ventures and who would like to find suitable suitors are encouraged to establish their organization’s business collaboration profiles online today through sophisticated point and click templates for easy, accurate posting of their profile in collaboration areas of their choosing. Additionally, a complete "Business Collaboration Course" is also being offered by ScaleUP USA. 

Areas for Posting in Business Opportunities Marketplace:

Currently, Business Opportunities Marketplace templates are offered in areas including R&D, tech transfer, operations, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, finance, investment, consulting, joint ventures, acquisitions or mergers and more. ScaleUP USA charges a small fee for processing business collaboration profiles -- mainly to ensure that only committed parties post their profile.

Advantages of Posting in Business Opportunities Marketplace:

The company business collaboration profiles registered in the ScaleUP USA e-directory will be indexed on major search engines for maximum global visibility and promoted on popular social media sites for maximum vitality in an open format e-directory. Company business collaboration profiles listed on the e-directory remain visible for one year from the date of posting.


Course on Business Collaborations

Video on Business Collaborations