The Next Frontier in Learning

Win in the Multi-Tasking World

Our students live in an on-demand economy, constantly multi-tasking, instantly distracted, and with minimal attention span. 

We need a new kind of just-in-time learning experience for our students to complement traditional university learning to grow in this economy. On-demand, video-based, microlearning — developed by some of the smartest business minds of today. Where you learn from the best of the best. Spend not years or months but few hours here and there. Not at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars but with little to no investment. Where the focus is on ingesting and implementing valued, practical, innovations, transformations, and solutioneering insights and not on boring rote learning. 

You need ScaleUP USA's microlearning!

ScaleUP USA has a terrific online learning management platform capability through which it offers specialized microlearning programs globally on topics relating to business and career growth. Our microlearning programs are delivered in simple, "bite-sized" chunks, with focused, precise knowledge which can be produced at the speed of change, are media-rich, interactive, engaging and accessible just in time, and on demand. We already have programs available now (e.g. Winning Proposal Writing or AI for Government) and many more can and are being developed on specific business and technology skill sets and interesting topics popular and in demand by industries in the US and globally. We typically target areas uncovered or undercover by educational institutions but desired by the industry. 

Proposed Collaboration:

We want to start our collaboration with colleges and universities like yours by offering ScaleUP USA’s microlearning programs through the participating universities web portal (like yours) for their students and other relevant audience. We are recommending that ScaleUP USA would develop and host the participating university’s landing page for free on ScaleUP USA (view sample) which would be the entry point for our program catalog from your university web portal.  

Benefits and Advantages:

The program will be cost-free for Universities other than the local promotion and marketing. It will offer industry-focused learning to your students and local industry, generate revenues, and establish microlearning campus for your university! Ultimately it will create new jobs, companies, and competitiveness in your region and help in the economic development of your state. All this will increase the profile and the brand of your university enabling you to secure more and better-quality students, resources, and industry collaborations. Plus, more companies will recruit at your university and will hire your students at a higher salary!

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