Joint Venture Opportunity: Govonomy, Inc., (USA).

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Business Objective:  joint venture opportunity

Organization Name: GOVonomy, Inc.
Year Established: 2014
Number of Employees: Between 11-30
Last Fiscal Year Revenue: Between US$1.5m-US$5m

Reason Joint Venture is NeedED:

  • Enter new markets/distribution networks 
  • Increase capacity/resources available
  • Increase capability/expertise available
  • Reduce risks/share costs

Applicable Industries:

  • Defense, Intelligence & Security
  • Local, State & Federal Government 
  • Non-Profits, Associations & Councils 
  • Software, Cloud & Services
  • Technology Hardware & Equipment
  • Telecommunication Services

Organization Overview:

GOVonomy helps governments and their preferred systems integrators (SI) acquire disruptive technologies for innovative solutioneering. The integration of appropriate innovative products and platforms enables our teaming partners to create unique solutions faster, better and cheaper for the government and to drive increased public value. We currently represent 50+ high tech, high growth product and platform companies from Silicon Valley and other global tech hubs and this number will reach over 100 in the next one year. GOVonomy brings strong, immediate Silicon Valley type, transformative products, and platforms capacity to governments and systems integrator organizations, essentially becoming their innovation partner. Through a single teaming agreement, GOVonomy acts as a force multiplier for System Integration companies, enabling them to have clear vectors of differentiation within the crowded commodity government contracting marketplace with immediate access to pre-vetted and continually growing evergreen consortium of transformative commercial off the shelf (COTS) products and platforms for integration. (150 words)

Joint Venture Opportunity:

GOVonomy is seeking to team up with local, state and federal government contractors for winning US government contracts. The teaming can be classified as a collaboration, joint venture or a prime-subcontractor agreement. Most SI’s have a limited reach into the high-tech communities like Silicon Valley, Boston, and New York.  Similarly, smaller high-growth tech companies have little reach into the SI marketplace. GOVonomy bridges this gap between the SI’s needs for transformative COTS products or platforms for integration and high growth transformative companies interested in utilizing SI’s as channel partners. We typically become the prime contractors’ subcontractor on IDIQ’s and RFP’s (as an innovative product reseller for integration) enabling the government contractor to access the innovative product companies we represent for solutioneering. We also have the capability to research and onboard new innovative product/platform companies for future government RFPs/IDIQs/task orders based on the contractor’s needs and those of the government. (150 words)

Proposed JV Partner Profile:

We are seeking to team up with US federal, state or local government prime contractors who are progressive in their usage of innovative and transformative technology integration for government problem solutioneering. Our government contracting partner must have minimum revenues of US$5m or more in the last one year, have a prime contract(s) with government and be interested in integrating transformative technologies from our existing portfolio of companies. We will help our partner arrange continuous introductions, strategic discussions, demonstrations, and pilots for such transformative technologies for quick understanding, education, training, innovation, discounted purchasing, and integration into existing, new and future systems by federal, state and local governments. In short, we will become the government contractors “external innovation lab” for this or other federal, state or local government opportunities. Our teaming process is simple, easy to understand, quick to implement, cost-effective, scalable and demonstrated to deliver results for federal, state and local governments. (150 words)


Government Contractor, Systems Integrator, Prime Contractor, Sub Contractor, Innovation, Technology, Transformation, Change

Contact Information:

Name: Nitin Pradhan
Title: Managing Partner
Address: 100 Shoreline HWY Building B – Suite 386 Mill Valley,, CA 94941 United States
Phone: 01-415-332-4200


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