Grant Opportunity: Vietnam Local Works Environment Health Agency

Grant Opportunity:

Vietnam localworks for Environmental Health
Agency for International Development

 Information on Eligibility: Restricted to Vietnamese organizations

Current Closing Date for Applications: Feb 20, 2017

Award Ceiling: $2,000,000

Award Floor: $200,000


The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in Vietnam is seeking applications from eligible prospective Vietnam organizations to fund a program entitled “Vietnam localworks for Environmental Health.” Eligibility for this award is restricted to local organizations; see Section III of this RFA for eligibility requirements. The goal of this specific activity is for Vietnamese non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to be able to more effectively engage and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders (e.g. constituents, private sector, local and national government, research institutions/think tanks and media) to advocate for reform on an environmental health issue. The primary objectives are to: 1. Strengthen/develop linkages among actors engaged in similar issues (specific to environmental health issue); 2. Increase capacity of networks of local organizations to effectively address and/or participate in environmental health issue-based reform on behalf of their constituents; and 3. Strengthen capacity of participating networks of local organizations to access greater resources, promoting financial sustainability. A key aspect of localworks is learning and adaptability. The Recipient is not expected to have all of the right answers or be able to predict precise activities or indicators as part of their application. USAID recognizes that this is a collaborative and exploratory process, involving the participation of local organizations, constituents, the government, and USAID. New information will emerge that will challenge initial assumptions. Therefore, the Recipient is expected to be committed to learning, recognizing what isn’t known, asking questions, and adapting to the needs of constituents. Additionally, USAID expects the Recipient to be open to strengthening their own capacity to achieve their objectives, which may mean drawing on a range of resources locally, regionally, or internationally. This follows the pre-solicitation notice posted on Nov 15, 2016.

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