Grant Opportunity: USAID - Diaspora Partnerships

Business Opportunity from USA Government:

Agency for International Development

Current Closing Date for Applications: Apr 20, 2017  

Award Ceiling: $0

Award Floor: $0

Category Explanation: 

The Lab is interested in collaborating with organizations working to engage diaspora communities in addressing development challenges in their countries of origin. The Lab is particularly seeking to identify catalytic, diaspora-centric partnership models centering on economic development, entrepreneurship, philanthropy and/or investing.

Agency Name: Agency for International Development


he APS invites private businesses, financial institutions, chambers of commerce, industry associations, private grant-making foundations, entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, and other private-sector organizations to identify and suggest ways we can work together to address key challenges in the developing world in a manner that advances our respective interests and objectives. In addition, the APS invites and encourages other types of organizations, including but not limited to prospective implementing partners, to engage and work with private sector partners to identify critical development problems and develop initial ideas about how we might work together to solve those problems. USAID encourages such organizations to reach out to the private sector (as defined in this APS) and explore ways in which collaboration with USAID might help all partners – businesses, NGOs, universities, governments, donors – to more effectively solve key problems, advance our respective interests, and achieve far greater development results and impacts. Preference will be given to alliances that include private sector partners who demonstrate long term commitment to the targeted region and a recognized business interest in the proposed concept.

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