Collaboration Opportunity: India Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd., India

We are looking to be the local subcontractor to a USA or Israel prime defense contractor interested in participating in the new Indian defense manufacturing program. We are flexible in our collaboration arrangement and are willing to invest jointly with the new international partner in a new advanced, secure, defense manufacturing facility and human resources. We hope that the new joint venture would also target international defense opportunities in the Middle East and South East Asia.

Nitin Pradhan
International Collaborations and Joint Venture Opportunities - How to Succeed?

Most small, medium and large organizations seek growth. Collaboration is an efficient and effective way to achieve it. However, finding the right collaboration partner around the world is complicated, time-consuming and costly. So what is the answer? Why not have a searchable, updated, international e-directory of organizations interested in seeking or offering international collaborations or joint ventures so locating interested parties becomes easy?

Article: "Buy American, Hire American"—From Rhetoric to Regulation.

“We will follow two simple rules: buy American and hire American.” While world leaders are pondering what these words from President Trump’s Inaugural Address mean for international trade, a different question looms for U.S. Government contractors—what is on the horizon as far as the Buy American Act and similar protectionist regulations?