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A distributor typically buys goods directly from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and sells to the resellers or sometimes to the end customers. A distributor normally has a closer relationship to the manufacturer as they buy and hold inventory, offer additional services like marketing, branding, and publicity as well as service and support several resellers. Because they hold your inventory, their risks are higher and so their commissions are typically higher too. A reseller typically buys from a distributor or a wholesaler and sells it to the end customer. Resellers normally do not hold your inventory but act as your middlemen buying goods from the manufacturer or the distributor as and when they make a sale to the end customer. Because they do not carry manufacturers inventory, they have less risk, less commitment, and therefore typically receive lesser commissions.


Typical advantages of having a distributor/reseller include:

  • Having a local or regional brand name and trusted local relationships.
  • Distributors typically have the regional storage space and logistics capability.
  • Enable OEM's a quick and cost effective extension of market reach.
  • Typically have existing, established customer base for OEM products.
  • Regional/local sales and marketing expertise and infrastructure.
  • Quickest, and simplest way for OEMs to increase the market.
  • Provide cost and time saving for the OEM in reaching scale.
  • Provide valuable local or regional marketplace information to OEM’s.
  • Provide end customer convenience for buying OEM goods.
  • Provide financial support for end customers for buying OEM goods.
  • Provide spare parts and after sales support for customer satisfaction. 


Here are the typical steps in concluding the distributor/reseller agreements: 

  • Decide if distributor or reseller is the correct contractual vehicle.
  • Develop a succinct distributor/reseller strategy and execution plan.
  • Post distributor/reseller sought/offered profile on ScaleUP.
  • Screen solicitations received by conducting preliminary interviews.
  • Discuss and agree to the distributor/reseller concept with the finalist.
  • Conduct comprehensive due diligence of the finalist.
  • Negotiate the distributor/reseller agreement terms and conditions.
  • Sign and launch the distributor/reseller program per execution plan.

The above guidelines are for general guidance and not a substitute for formal management, legal and fiduciary advice. Please contact and engage professional distributor/reseller experts, legal counsels and financial experts during the distributor/reseller finalization process.

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