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The Truth About Studying In USA

Dear Students and Parents,

Selecting the right college major, submitting a high-quality college application, winning scholarships and financial aid and securing a US visa requires a very systematic approach, hard work, perseverance, and financial investments. This can make the difference between winning and losing the opportunity to be in the USA! 

Unfortunately, most international students' start planning and preparing for studying in USA late, typically 9-12 months before their planned entry in the USA. This is not recommended. We suggest starting at a minimum 18-24 months before the planned entry. For best planning and preparation, we suggest 36-48 months headstart!

We have therefore developed a complete digital coaching package with advice, methodology, tools, techniques, procedures, tips, resources, and tricks gathered from US experts and made it available to you via short, self-paced digital videos using internet-connected desktop or laptop.  Now you have access to the best information, directly from the US. 

Our approach is affordable, easy to use, available anywhere, anytime in the world. Plus, ultimately this approach will save you a lot more money and time and get you the best result!  You can join the program by registering using the red buttons and make the online payment using your bank issued Visa or MasterCard Credit Card or Debit Card. 

Welcome abroad! Welcome to the USA! Welcome to the land of opportunities!

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