Internet of Things (IoT) Small Business Marketplace.

IoT Small Business Marketplace

Internet of Things (IoT) market is projected to grow to $9T by 2020. However, there are significant barriers to entry for Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the IoT space to build a productive business. Therefore, ScaleUP USA is partnering with ICEx Pro based in India to create the world's first Internet of Things Small Business E-learning Program, Collaboration Ecosystem, Showcase, and Marketplace. Join, explore, collaborate, grow, and thrive!

Join the IoT Small Business Marketplace!

What is IoT Small Business Marketplace?

Internet of Things (IoT) is an increasingly sophisticated information, data, and knowledge, sharing global infrastructure enabling delivery of advanced services by interconnected physical and virtual devices based on emerging networking technologies and standards. Simply put, this is the concept of basically connecting any "thing" like a device with a sensor and an on and off ramp to the "Internet." Then collecting, sharing, aggregating, and analyzing this data for intelligent action. Small and mid-size businesses have a huge stake in this advanced ecosystem. However, entering, growing, and thriving in this space is complicated, time-consuming, and costly for small businesses. 

We are therefore building this IoT e-learning program, collaboration ecosystem, showcase, and marketplace initially starting with US and Indian IoT small businesses and expanding globally. Join, explore, collaborate, grow, and thrive!

Who Should Join?

Small and Mid-size Businesses.

IoT Products and Services Companies.

IoT Consultants, Advisors, and Experts.

IoT Business Development and Sales.

IoT Entrepreneurs and Startups.

IoT Investors, Angels, and VC's.

ScaleUP USA and ICExPro Collaborate

Indo-US IoT Venture for Growth

Imagine the world where every small business has access to affordable, just-in-time, on-demand, entrepreneurship and business growth education, training collaboration programs, and marketplace opportunities. Where every business can capitalize not only on opportunities in the USA but collaborate successfully with other global businesses to create possibilities everywhere. That is the vision of ScaleUP USA. 

ICEx PRO is an Indian umbrella business networking ecosystem and an aggregation place. One place to seek an expert help for corporations, small and mid-size businesses and start-ups to find right professionals. ICEx PRO is a platform to attract, interact, and transact! 


Now ScaleUP USA and ICExPro are creating a specialized IoT marketplace for global small and mid-size businesses. 

Become an IoT Leader!

Build a Winning IoT Ecosystem

Learn How to Develop IoT Markets

Become an IoT Global Influencer

Flawless IoT Execution Guidance

Secure the First Mover Advantage NOW

Formula = Learn, Plan, Act, and Win in IoT

IoT Marketplace Use Cases!

How can you participate in the marketplace?

This is an IoT small business ecosystem. The larger it grows and the more qualified participants it attracts the better it is for all. Make sure to encourage your fellow IoT practitioners to join, engage, participate, and thrive on this platform. There are 5 different use cases for them to participate in this program:

  1. Learner: You are a student, trainee, employee, consultant, or practitioner of IoT and want to learn more through online, on demand, anytime, anywhere IoT focused digital videos and content. 

  2. Contributor: You are an IoT expert, advisor, consultant or practitioner who wants to showcase your expertise by contributing high-value educational IoT videos and other digital content. 

  3. Collaborator: You are a technical or business expert, business development executive, business owner, program or project manager for an IoT focused opportunity or project and are seeking collaboration with other companies. 

  4. Seller: You are a seller of IoT products or services and want to showcase your technology, platform, products or services via digital video content like a demo and/or presentation.

  5. Buyer: You are a buyer of IoT products or services and what to quickly review sellers technology, platform, products or services via digital video content like a demo and/or presentation. 

IoT Marketplace Endorsements

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Start-Up Company Executive
Best program for our technical and business teams to partner with the IoT ecosystem!
Small Business Owner
Great community to showcase your IoT talent and expertise for and in the IoT community!
IoT Consultant

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