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Federal Business Acceleration Program

This program is for entrepreneurs, consultants, and new businesses interested in entering the $1 trillion federal marketplace and creating a federal contracting or supplier company. Learn through a step by step guide, insider perspectives, and tips and tricks that master government contractors/suppliers utilize to establish, win and grow their federal business quickly. Join today!

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Win in the World's Largest Marketplace!

The US federal government is the world's largest customer spending approximately over $1 trillion annually through grants and contracts on products and services each year. In FY 2016 alone the US Federal Government spent $666B on grants and $461B on contracts.  
Yet, less than 1% of all the 28+ million businesses in the USA ever registered to do business with the US federal government! Even lesser number of organizations know how to do business with the "Feds." The result is that the "winners" keep "winning" and the "losers" keep losing! Do you want to win or win more? 
Are you doing or planning to do business with the federal government? Don't waste time, effort, and resources doing the wrong things at the wrong time! Learn the methods and best practices, seasoned professionals use to establish and grow their federal supplier or contracting business! 

How to win Federal Business?

Doing business with the US federal government is an art and a science! Therefore, our Program has been designed after significant research, brainstorming, pilots, and interviews with government and industry professionals and provides an inside track on how to help government suppliers and contractors establish, grow, and win the federal government business while improving their own performance.

Program Endorsements

A much needed affordable program for companies in our state to win federal business.
Economic Development Executive
Great program for us to build new services for our tech membership organization.
Technology Council Senior Executive
Ideal program for our employees to learn as we enter the US Government.
Small Business Senior Executive

Working with the Feds

Learn From Others Failures!

As a former presidential appointee and the CIO of the US Department of Transportation (US DOT) with oversight of over $3.5B in annual technology investments/acquisitions, over 3,000 IT employees, 10,000 contractors, and 200 major systems, Nitin Pradhan, the Chief Architect of this Federal Business Acceleration Program, was one of the top leaders doing business with the private sector.

In this unique position, he met hundreds of federal suppliers and contractors from the largest to the smallest who pitched to him for federal business. He realized then, that most entrepreneurs and businesses, especially beyond the Washington DC metro region, have little to no understanding of the federal government, its funding process, internal needs, budgeting for projects, selection process, and execution requirements.

Our Program Highlights!

All this has made "doing business with the federal government" harder than it needs to be, creating few winners and many losers. As a result, many great American companies from start-ups and small businesses to mid and large corporations do not even try or try incorrectly and lose out on winning federal business. Learning through your own failure is a costly strategy! Learn through others experiences. Start winning federal government opportunities by learning the best practices of how to do business with the federal government! 

Skills You Will Improve!

Federal Business Strategy

Transformative Team Building

Business Capture Management

Innovation & Transformation

Winning Proposals & Pricing

Peak Program Management

Accelerate Your Business Growth

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Our program will be of deep interest to entrepreneurs, consultants, business owners, non-profits, and government organizations interested in doing business with the federal government agencies including selling products and services and in return winning US federal grants and contracts.  

Additionally, our "Doing Business with the Government" program will also be of interest to a broad set of "sales, business development, and marketing focused" individuals, and professionals in existing small, mid-size and large businesses wanting to expand their public sector practice. Join, learn, and win federal government business. 

Cost Effective; Affordable!

Total Duration: Suggested time of 40 hours including program lectures and case studies.
Access to Program: For up to 1 year from the date of registration in the program.
Licensing Structure: For the first original registered named account only.
Multiple Licenses: Need multiple user licenses? Email ScaleUP USA for a discount.

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