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The US federal government is the world's largest customer spending approximately over $1 trillion annually through grants and contracts on products and services each year. In FY 2016 alone the US Federal Government spent $666B on grants and $461B on contracts.

Yet, less than 1% of all the 28+ million businesses in the USA ever registered to do business with the US federal government! Even lesser number of organizations know how to do business with the "Feds." The result is that the "winners" keep "winning" and the "losers" keep losing!

Do you want to win or win more? Are you doing or planning to do business with the federal government? Don't waste time, effort, and resources doing the wrong things at the wrong time! Learn the methods and best practices, seasoned professionals use to establish and grow their federal supplier or contracting business!


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  • Economic Development Executive

    "A much needed affordable program for companies in our state to win federal business."

  • Technology Council Senior Executive

    "Great program for us to build new federal services for our tech membership organization."

  • Small Business Senior Executive

    "Ideal program for our employees and contractors to learn as we enter the US federal government."

Federal Business Acceleration Program

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What Will You Learn?

Key Takeaways from the Program.

  • Federal Business Growth Strategy.

  • Transformative Federal Contractor Team Building.

  • Business Capture Planning and Management.

  • Federally Focused Innovation and Transformation.

  • Winning Proposals and Pricing Management.

  • Peak Federal Program Management.

Program Curriculum

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This Program is Priced on a Subscription Model as well as on a One-Time Payment Model.