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What is the Business Force Multiplier Program?

Are you using yesterday's techniques to win tomorrow's business?

Force Multipliers are tools and techniques that help you improve your performance, which means you can get more done with lesser effort, resources, time, or cost.

You can certainly build a home with a hammer and nails, but if you use a nail gun you will improve your performance. Unfortunately, in today’s hyper-competitive world, business development has become costly, time-consuming, and resource intensive. Yet, most organizations are still using the hammer and nails business development approach to build companies.

In this free program, learn how the modern Business Force Multiplier Program can improve your business development, marketing, and sales capacity, and capability. Adapt to the digital world. Modernize your business development program today by integrating our affordable Business Force Multiplier Program. Enroll now to learn how.

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Program Endorsements

Why Should You Join This Program?

  • Business Development Executive

    "An affordable approach to test the US market and do business and market development!"

  • Chief Revenue and Sales Officer

    "A great market development program to launch and grow your products and services!"

  • International Business Executive

    "An innovative approach to target the vast US market affordably, effectively, and effeciently!"

Business Force Multiplier Video

Introduction to Automated Business Development


If you affirm any of these statements, then you are a top-notch candidate for our Business Force Multiplier Program!

  • You want to lower the cost and time of customer acquisitions.

  • You need to inform and educate your marketplace at scale.

  • You have a complicated or elaborate product or service to sell.

  • You have a large territory for selling with insufficient salespersons.

  • You need sales leads and filtered prospects based on buying interest.

  • You want to support your sales team and reduce their frustration.

  • You want to hedge against your top salesperson leaving the team.

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Business Force Multiplier Introduction
    • Who Are We?
  • 2
    Three Important Questions
    • What is the Right Answer?
  • 3
    Where to use Force Multiplier?
    • Top Use Cases for Businesses.
  • 4
    Waste in Business Development
    • Why Waste happens?
  • 5
    Why Selling Fails?
    • How to Stop Failing?
  • 6
    Force Multiplier Differentiation
    • Our Unique Solution!
  • 7
    Why BD is Not Enough?
    • You Need the Extra Omph!
  • 8
    What is Market Development?
    • Market Development 101
  • 9
    Force Multiplier Program Impact
    • Expected Results!
  • 10
    Force Multiplier Process
    • Our Process Explained!
  • 11
    Contact Us to Accelerate Growth!
    • Next Steps: Market Development!

Pricing Options

This Program is Currently Free for Registration for Business Executives.


  • Who should join the program?

    This program is for business, marketing, and sales leadership of local or international companies.

  • How long is this program?

    This program is for approximatley one hour duration.

  • What will you learn from this program?

    This program helps you build the capacity and capability for your US sales team.

  • What knowledge is required to take this course?

    You only need a basic understanding of marketing and sales.

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